snippets: retradista means photographer in filipino. we are based in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, California. Vince and Carla are married and they have 3 kids. Ed and Vince usually shoot primary. Vince is tasked with all post processing for a cohesive look and feel.


left-brained, logical, technical

can’t believe he is in this business, he is an engineering graduate who used to work for IBM. Initially lured into photography by its technological aspect, which he says is awe inspiring and deep. he soon realizes that the artistic part is even more profound. He is, up to this instant, still working on his artistic side.


right-brained, creative, emotional

she can’t believe she is in this business either, she works full time as an ICU nurse, has great vision but mastering the camera took considerable effort. She eventually overcame this through sheer determination, by picking up the camera, taking lots of pictures, and learning from a lot of mistakes.
Check out her personal blog and Instagram here.


good natured, fun, easygoing

just like Carla, Ed works a full time job. He has been with Vince on weddings for more than 7yrs. Check out his love for sneakers, you would instantly notice how obsessive er…ah how passionate he can be. This kind of fervor oozes out on his photography as well.